Physiotherapist  works on your  Muscle and Bones , to cater your aches and pains . so that you can restore normal Human Functions

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Sports Massage

Sports Massage  is for both sports persons and non sports persons .where it  work on improving the quality of the soft tissues (muscles ,Fascia)within the body. which would blood supply is increased, releasing tension, flushing through lactic acid and realigning scar tissue.

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Sports Injury Management

Sports injuries are injuries which occurs in athletic activities or physical exertion on field / Overuse .From  Sprain to Tear (ACL-Common) to Sudden cardiac  arrest . Prevention is  uttermost important Factor to avoid it.

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About Our Centre

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We are Advance Physiotherapy centre in Malad west, Mumbai

Our Objective  is to provide effective treatment, optimize movement, promote active and healthy lifestyle.  by  enhancing quality of life.

Physio Hub is a hi-tech clinic set up in a Malad West with specious area to workout  . one of the biggest advance physiotherapy  centre in Malad West  approx 1000 sqft  area.

We started with single bed home based in 2012 now we are 5 bed .

the centre is Guided & Runned by Dr.Pooja Mehta  a Sports Physiotherapist.


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